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Institute for Sex Therapy at Council for Relationships

Sex Therapy

Each year we treat hundreds of people who come to us seeking help with sexual issues. Some come for a major sexual problem, others for less severe difficulties. In fact, sexual problems are so prevalent, that nearly two thirds of all men and women will experience them at some time during their lives.

At the Institute for Sex Therapy, we have an integrated approach that includes modalities such as behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, and systemic therapy in resolving sexual problems. Though treatment can be done on an individual basis, we encourage the couple to work together. Council for Relationships was one of the first to recognize that sexual problems could not be separated from, or treated apart from, the partnered relationship.


The clinicians at the Institute help individuals and partnered relationships with a wide range of sexual problems and issues, such as:

Sexual Desire
Sexuality & spirituality
Sexual Aversion
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Sexual value reassessment
Male Erectile Disorder
Body Image
Female Orgasmic Disorder
Male Orgasmic Disorder
Premature Ejaculation
Vaginismus/Sexual Pain
Sexuality & chronic illness
Sexuality & physical ability
Sexual orientation/coming out
Fetish and Compulsive behaviors
and more...

In addition to issues listed above, we offer sex education and sexual enrichment for couples who want to improve or enhance their sexual relationship, recapture lost sensuality, restructure sexuality after childbirth, become comfortable with one's own and/or one's partner's sexuality, and situations related to sensuality or sexuality.


The staff at The Institute for Sex Therapy are a diverse group of both male and female clinicians specializing in the fields of human sexuality and sex therapy. Our staff have advanced training in sex therapy and hold faculty appointments at several area universities. Staff members are also available for case consultation, supervision, training, and other educational activities.

Fees for Services

Services for counseling are offered on a sliding fee scale.

Appointments, Inquiries and Referrals

To make an appointment, a referral, or to get more information, please contact the Director:
Chris Fariello, PhD, MA, LMFT
at 215-382-6680 ext. 3115
or go to our website


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